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Title: Video Converter v.4.0a "Galileo"
Post by: Administrator on May 12, 2017, 07:46:46 AM
New major release for Video Converter!

The full changelog:
v. 4.0a "Galileo" - 2017/05
The application has been totally rewritten.
Here there is a partial list of the new features:
- main interface totally redesigned;
- added ability to convert multiple files;
- added ability to insert whole folders;
- added ability to process online medias;
- conversion options unified in a new activity;
- added a new default media chooser (for video, audio and images);
- added a useful media info activity;
- added video conversion presets;
- added a completed conversions activity;
- added ability to set custom frame dimensions;
- added ability to reverse the frame dimensions;
- updating FFmpeg to version 3.2.4;
- updating libYUV;
- minor fixes and improvements.

For more informations and screenshots, see the official blog (https://akingi.com/org/blogpost21-Video-Converter-v4-0a-Galileo).