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Title: Video Converter for Android 2.6 "Reno"
Post by: Administrator on December 23, 2014, 08:03:28 AM
Check the official blog post (http://org.akingi.com/blogpost16-Video-Converter-2-6-Reno-and-other-news) on the aKingi website.


v. "Reno" - 2014/12/23
- introduced MIPS CPU support (ypee!);
- force to update all codecs to 2.6 version;
- introduced a new user friendly EULA GUI;
- fixed a bug with a custom dialog text color on old devices;
- minor fixes and improvements.

- when encoding with VP9 codec, on some devices it could take some time to stop the conversion.

v.2.6 "Reno" codecs-all
- built with latest NDK-r10d;
- introducing MIPS CPU support;
- updating FFmpeg to version 2.5.1;
- enabling ASM optimizations on some codecs (eg. ARMv7 with Neon extension);
- introducing livbpx library;
- introducing libwebp library;
- introducing libopus library.