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Prominent Virtualization Tools
« on: August 18, 2015, 01:50:50 AM »
Virtualization is becoming a buzzword in all facets of information technology, business and digital world. Organizations are in a never before demand to design and implement new infrastructures. VMWare, Microsoft Virtual Server, XEN Enterprise and Virtuozzo are prominent virtualization methods available today. VMWare Work Station is capable of hosting both Windows and Linux guests. VMWare Ace provides security for unmanaged workstations. It packages a virtual work station and deploys it into another work station. VMWare ESX Virtual Server is simply a Linux distribution method with modified kernel. We wonder why Microsoft and VMWare did not develop Windows based virtualization mechanism. ESX server can be managed using Management Console (A browser interface) and Virtual Center. It is equipped with tools such as VMotion which is used to drag and drop virtual servers from one place to another.
Open source users of VMWare can make use of their special Graphical User Interface. As Microsoft Virtual Server is offered free of cost, it is becoming popular each and every day. VMWare leads much ahead of Microsoft, the omnipotent in computer software industry, in the sale of virtualization tools. Microsoft Virtual Server is being marketed as a comfortable means of deploying multiple virtual Window servers. We need fully installed Windows server in order to implement Microsoft virtual server product. In earlier days, Microsoft had not hosted a virtual operating system. The creative brainchild of Bill Gates is at least three years behind of VMWare in terms of advanced virtualization technologies. It is great to know that Microsoft virtual servers can be moved independently between Linux and Windows hosts.