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Free Download Accelerator for Android is a full-featured download manager and client. Using the multi connections download protocol it’s possible to split the files to download in multiple parts, so that you can boost the download speed up to 10 times.
This app is designed to be used in a simple and immediate way, just paste a download URL (directly or from the clipboard, for example) and the accelerated download process, with up to 8 parallel connections, will immediately start. With only one app you can download, for example, videos, movies, music, ebooks, pictures, ZIP and other compressed archives, ISO images and any other files from Internet!
With Free Download accelerator, you can customize every settings of the app so that you’ll have the ability to start, pause and resume the download process, a very important feature useful, for example, when you lose your Wi-Fi signal or when you’re using a 3G/4G connection with an unstable signal.

Here there is a partial list of the available features:
- up to 8 parallel connections for a single download;
- HTTP, HTTPS and FPT protocols supported;
- no download speed limits;
- text download URL lists supported;
- add download URLs from Firefox or Chrome;
- check downloaded files using the MD5, SHA1 or SHA256 checksum functions;
- set a custom download folder or select a MicroSD drive as output;
- internal download search;
- download scheduling;
- encryption and proxy support;
- credentials with username and password supported;
- pause/resume/stop/delete/recheck a download;
- set advanced completed download notifications, with vibration and sounds;
- no paid features to buy, you’ll be able to use all the features of Free Download Accelerator for Android without having to spend money for unlocking blocked features, as other apps do.

Platform: Android, 4.1+

Play Store Link: official

License: free/ad-supported, with Privacy Policy

Current version: v. 2.0d2

Other links: forum.

Current version changelog:
v.2.0d2 "Winjutsu" ~ 2018.09
- minor fixes and improvements.

v.2.0c "Winjutsu" ~ 2017.10
- minor fixes and improvements.

v.2.0b "Winjutsu" ~ 2017.09
- improving layouts for tablets;
- minor fixes and improvements.

v.2.0a "Winjutsu" ~ 2017.09
- adding credentials support (Digest and Basic auth schemes);
- adding redirects support (HTTP status 301, 302 and 307);
- rewriting the add link dialog;
- improving the check file dialog;
- adding "Download later" mode;
- better error handling;
- adding Italian translation;
- improving Firefox integration;
- minor fixes and improvements.

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