Q: Where does the name aKingi come from?
A: The name aKingi was initially a fantasy name, maybe taken from a very old console fighting game in which one character shouted “AKINGI!” while jumping and throwing a very heavy sword. But after some searches, we found out that aKingi is also the pronunciation of the Turkish word “akinci”, meaning the irregular light cavalry and scouting troops of the Ottoman Empire.

Q: What is your slogan?
A: “Solutions for a simpler life.”

Q: Have you got a mission?
A: Well, our main goal is to make software and programs that people could find useful and that could improve the experience of everyday life with computers and mobile devices. We do it with passion and we are not looking for a revenue.

Q: What’s your business model?
A: aKingi org was not created to make a profit or to make money, as we said before. Despite this, we have of course some operative costs such as the web hosting, clients support time and resources and some investments for some future projects. Because of this, our first products were published with a light freemium model, while the last ones came out only with some safe and non-invasive ads. For the future we plan to totally switch to a donationware model, making new products completely ad-free and removing the existing ones from the products already published.

Q: There’s a company/society to which you would like to look like?
A: Yes, of course. We really appreciate Mozilla, the non-profit organization under Firefox and Thunderbird, their effort to build a better web experience is amazing and praiseworthy. We also like Google for the great job done with Android and for their many contributions in the open source world.

Q: What do you plan for the future?
A: We just wanna keep on doing the things we do since when we created aKingi in 2013. Just right now, we are trying to make our products more international by translating them in different languages and for this we are actively looking for translators and collaborators who can help us with that. We are also working on some new projects that will be revealed on next month. So keep following us!

Q: Where can I find your products?
A: You can find the full list of our published products (stable, beta or in development) in the PROJECTS page. There’s also our Google Play Store page where are present all our Android apps.

Q: How can I interact with you to get some support for one of your products?
A: The easiest way to contact us is through our email (org@akingi.com or akingiofficial@live.com) or using the contact form. You could also write a post in our forum.

Q: Can I find aKingi org on social sites?
A: Yes, sure, our main social profile is on Twitter, but we also have accounts on Facebook, Google+ and Youtube.

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