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Transform your Android device in a complete multimedia converter!
With its simple and essential user interface, Total Video Converter let you start a conversion in two fast steps: just choose an input file and select the output format.
A lot of advanced options are avaible, for example you can set the output filename or change audio/video codec or bitrate, you can set metadata information (such as title or author) or even cut your multimedia file and play it on your Android device.
The actual version of Total Video Converter for Android supports the following output formats: 3gp, aac, ac3, avi, flac, m4a, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpg, mkv, mov, ogg, vob, wav, webm, wma, wmv. The input file range instead covers much more formats, almost any multimedia file type. Total Video Converter can identify the CPU architecture of your phone/tablet in order to install the right (and free) codec package and to grant you the best conversion experience.
This is the free advertised version of Total Video Converter that has most of the features enabled and shows ads during conversion. If you hate ads and you want to enjoy of all the features you can purchase the pro key that only costs peanuts.

Platform: Android, 4.1+

Play Store Link: official

License: free/ad-supported, paid pro key (1.80€, 2.40$, 1.40£), with Privacy Policy

Current version: v. 4.0e "Galileo"

Other links: forum

Current version changelog:
v. 4.0e "Galileo" - 2018.09
- minor fixes and improvements.

v. 4.0d "Galileo" - 2018.01
- minor fixes and improvements.

v. 4.0c "Galileo" - 2017.09
- adding a media browser tab in the new chooser;
- minor fixes and improvements.

v. 4.0b "Galileo" - 2017.05
- some fixes when selecting some codecs;
- updating FFmpeg to version 3.2.5;
- updating libYUV to latest version;
- fixes when installing on Android N+ devices;
- minor fixes and improvements.

v. 4.0a "Galileo" - 2017.05
The application has been totally rewritten.
Here there is a partial list of the new features:
- main interface totally redesigned;
- added ability to convert multiple files;
- added ability to insert whole folders;
- added ability to process online medias;
- conversion options unified in a new activity;
- added a new default media chooser (for video, audio and images);
- added a useful media info activity;
- added video conversion presets;
- added a completed conversions activity;
- added ability to set custom frame dimensions;
- added ability to reverse the frame dimensions;
- updating FFmpeg to version 3.2.4;
- updating libYUV;
- minor fixes and improvements.

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