Video Converter & MP3 Converter 2.8 "Hardin"

admin Monday February 8, 2016

Today all the aKingi staff is proud to announce the release of the stable version of Video Converter and MP3 Converter 2.8 "Hardin" stable versions, after weeks of tests and a lot of improvements. The new "Hardin" branch includes all the changes proposed in the beta version of Video Converter for Android, plus some new application-related fixes. These are the main changes (all the others can be found in the official changelogs below):

  • introducing a new NavigationDrawer menu with Hamburger2Arrow animation;
  • introducing a custom video player in CutFile activity, to improve the selection of start/end cut media time and, of course, to obtain a preview of the converted file;
  • fixed some bugs with ARMv8/AArch64 devices, with wrong error screens showed and inability to start conversions.

After some months of delay we also updated all the codecs, upgrading FFmpeg version to 2.8.6. Below you can also find a screenshot of the custom player in CutFile activity:


Complete CHANGELOGS: Video Converter v. "Hardin" - 2016/02/08 - targetting latest Android 6.0 "Marshmallow"; - replaced SlidingMenu with custom NavigationDrawer; - introduced the Hamburger2Arrow animation; - introducing a beautiful interactive player on cut activity; - introducing bug fixes for a general conversion (and working) experience on AArch64/ARMv8 devices; - improving layout of tips and other dialogs; - improving menu layout for tablets; - fixed a bug that caused the auto-focus of the first textbox in the layout; - minor fixes and improvements.

MP3 Converter v. "Hardin" - 2016/02/08 - synchronizing with latest commit of TVC; - minor fixes and improvements.

Codecs-all v.2.8 "Hardin" - updating FFmpeg to version 2.8.6; - minor fixes and improvements.