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Video Converter 2.6 "Reno" and other news

admin Tuesday December 23, 2014

There are releases... and Releases. After the two minor updates of the "Seldon" branch (the last in October), today we are pleased to announce a new major release of the new branch of Video Converter for Android, called this time "Reno". There are not much news from the main application side, but interesting ones from the codecs side. For the first time from the release of February, we add the support for a new CPU architecture, in this case MIPS CPUs. The support comes as a new codec app that MIPS users will install with the main application, just as with other architectures supported. The MIPS support comes as a basic support and tested only on emulators, so we will be happy to receive feedback from some indipendent testers; everyone who will report issues or bugs will be more than welcomed.
The second main news from the codec side, is the support of the WebM format, with the addiction of the two main video codecs related to it, VP8 and VP9, through libvpx. This to answer to the very big number of requests arrived to us in the previous months. Also, opus format has been added (through libopus) and the FFmpeg version has been updated to the latest 2.5.1, and it's a big jump from the previous used 2.2 version. On some codecs (such as the important ARMv7 with Neon extension) ASM optimizations have been turned on.
As usual, we will soon update MP3 Video Converter to the latest version of Video Converter, maybe in the first days of 2015.
Meanwhile we also released jTorrent Downloader Client for Android, a new torrent client for the green robot based on libtorrent. The actual 0.9b version is the second of this project under active development and soon we will release a new version of it, to fix some bugs, introduce the missing MIPS CPUs support and introduce some new features.

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