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May 2016 update for aKingi apps

admin Monday May 16, 2016

Two months after the last blog post, we are here to announce that we just published updates for almost all our Android apps on the Play Store, the changelogs of their latest version can be found on the respective project pages.
During the last weeks we also published two new Android applications, Video Player and ZipDroid, a super fast video and multimedia player, the first, and a complete zip and archive manager, the second; both this new apps are published on the Play Store and are written for the Android mobile operating system.
We also introduced the HTTPS protocol support in our site and in our most important subdomains, thanks to the awesome Letsencrypt project (promoted by Mozilla) and thanks to the Arvixe team, the great web hosting where our site is stored. In this way our domain enters in the 21th century, allowing SSL connections to our ORG site, our forum and our bug tracker (other subdomains will be added in the next months).
In the end, we decided to use "Python" as the codenames of Video Converter for Android and of MP3 Converter in the memory of Alan Rickman, that everybody knows mainly for the role of Severus Piton (Snape) in a very famous and lucky series of fantasy films.

Alan Rickman as Severus Piton
Alan Rickman as Severus Piton
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