jTorrent EULA

This End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between You (see "Definitions" section) and the Author of this Software for the Software Product identified above, which includes computer software and may include associated medias, printed materials and online or electronic documentation.
By using our product, You declare that You have read and You accept this End-User License Agreement in every single part of it and that You'll not violate its terms in any way.


-"Software", "Software Product", "the Application" or "the App": means jTorrent Downloader Client for Android, also known as jTorrent Client, jTorrent Downloader, Torrent Downloader, Torrent Download Manager or simply jTorrent (identified by the unique package id: com.akingi.torrent) that includes program executables, libraries, medias and associated resources, with the exception of the source code of the following libraries: libTorrent, the Boost libraries, OpenSSL, aFileChooser, GraphView, DirectoryChooserDialog and of the following two files: GeoIP.dat and GeoIPAsNum.dat, property of MaxMind and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License;
-"You" or "the User": means the user that installed the Application on an Android device or on a compatible emulator and that eventually started the Software Product for using it, even once;
-"the Developer", "the Software Developer", "the Creator" or "the Author": identifies the Application software developer, Pietro Di Gennaro, who created the Software Product and published it for aKingi org;
-"EULA" or "Eula": means this End-User License Agreement.

EULA appliance

This End-User License Agreement only applies to the Software Product and it does not extend to the source code of the libraries used by the Software Product, whose source code can be obtained from the links provided in the "CREDITS" section (see "ABOUT" option in the left menu of the main screen).

EULA modification

The Software Developer reserves the right to modify anytime and at his sole discretion this EULA, informing the user of the modification of its terms in a quick and timely way and so as to allow the vision of its updated terms in a transparent form.

Reproduction and distribution

The Application can be distributed without limitation as is, even outside from the Google Play Store but without modifications of any type. Every copy has to contain this EULA and link to the official page on the Google Play Store or of the project page on the aKingi website.

Grants for the user

This EULA grants you to install and use the Software Product freely with or without an internet access for an unlimited number of times and for a private personal non-commercial non-exclusive use.

Limited warranty and liability

This Software is distributed "AS IS", without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. The User has the ability to run the Software Product but at his/her own risk. The Developer absolutely disclaims any warranty for the Software Product. The entire risk for using it (including performance problems) are totally of the User. The Author is also not liable for damages, direct or indirect, including loss of business and others pecuniary loss, caused by the Software Product. The Developer is not liable for incorrect uses of the Software Product and he is also not liable for problems depending on the inability to execute the Software Product.

Use of the Software Product

The Software Product has been thought, designed and developed to be used only for lawful purposes. By accepting this EULA, You declare and undertake that You will not use the Application for illegal activities or for violating, without limitations, any law, patent, trademark, regulation, ordinance, right of privacy or publicity and that You will not perform, in any way or form, any copyright infringement. The User is directly and fully responsible for the execution, even inadvertently, even not directly conscious, even once, of one or more than one of the previous mentioned actions and exonerates the Developer from any consequence, direct or indirect, of the actions executed from the User on his/her Android device or compatible emulator during the execution cycle of the Software Product. The User is also fully and directly responsible for the activities that occur with the use of the Application, in particular the User agrees that he/she, not the Developer, is also entirely responsible for all the content that the User distributes, downloads, uploads, displays, posts, emails or transmits or otherwise make available through the Application.

Shared informations

During the Software Product execution cycle, the Application can exchange datas with other external remote devices or communicate with third-party servers. This datas exchange is bidirectional and may include some sensitive informations (such as the device IP address, hash codes, file pieces, etc.) used to implement the BitTorrent protocol. The Software Product and the Developer are not responsible in any way or form, directly or indirectly, of the informations sent or downloaded with the Application from the User's device. The User also agrees that the content shared with other peers or announced to Tracker servers can be sent over Internet all over the world and may have to be compliant with foreign laws from his/her country. Informations stored locally on files from the Software Product, as the result of the sharing process of datas, should not be considered accurate and the Developer is not responsible for any problem as a consequence of incorrect saving process of remote files on the device of the User. The User assumes all the risk associated with the shared and downloaded content, including any reliance on its completeness, usefulness and security.

Cookies policy alert

We use device identifiers to personalise content and ads and to analyse our traffic. We also share such identifiers and other informations from your device with our advertising and analytics partners. See this link and this one for more details.

Reverse engineering

Operations of reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly and change of the resources of the Application are not permitted. Also, publicizing the decompiled source code on Internet or just copying it to local drives is not allowed. No derivate works are permitted, with the exceptions for the ones eventually created by the Developer.

Anonymous analytics informations

During the Software Product execution cycle, anonymous informations are collected and sent with Google Analytics for Android library or with other internal mechanisms. These informations are collected only to identify bugs, defects and because this represents a way to improve the Software Product and to maximum prevent crashes. Sent analytics datas don’t contain personal informations with whom the user can be identified. These informations, always anonymous, are sent when the Application is connected over Internet. The Software Developer guarantees that collected informations don't violate in any way the users' privacy.

EULA version 4.0a, last update: 2018/07/29
jTorrent Downloader Client for Android
Copyright © 2014-2018 Pietro Di Gennaro. All rights reserved.

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